Custom Moulding


Artist Services specializes in contemporary custom milled and finished hardwood moulding. We provide strongly constructed frames with splined corners and fitted strainers.  We can alter our profiles and finishes according to individual needs.  Our finishes are uniquely formulated by our company and our Artist Services ultra white stain over poplar wood moulding is one of our trademarks.  The most common hardwoods we mill are poplar, maple, cherry, walnut, ash, and oak. In addition to our custom milled hardwood line, we offer commercial frame profiles for consideration. 



Our company is committed to the preservation and protection of all works of art.  Our goal is to provide the client with comprehensive archival treatment, up to date conservation methods and completely reversible mounting procedures.  All components of the frame, from front to back, meet the highest museum standards.



Careful consideration is given to the aesthetic selection of materials as well as providing different design solutions when requested.  We make every effort to address the individual needs of our clients and treat your great grandmother's photo or preschooler's artwork with the same degree of attention that we give any other work of art.  Additionally, with resourceful and creative thinking, we believe that beautiful solutions can be found to fit budget constraints.

Art Installation & Transport


Artist Services can provide professional and experienced art installers and movers that can handle very diverse installation needs.